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Mental resilience
Mental Resilience
Self Awareness
Set and Meet Goals
Goal Attainment
Time management app
Time Management
Decision making app
Holistic health app
Stress Management
Relationship counseling app
Relationship Skills
Self development app
Leadership Skills

Breadth of Coaching.
Price of Calm.

A comprehensive training for team wellness + development: to do and feel your best, together. Get insight into how your people feel and coaching and therapy content to help them feel better immediately: Because your people are your best investment.


For both mental health & great managers.

A complete emotional management toolkit and leadership/soft skills training.
Frustrated with a colleague? Plan hard conversations with a 7-step walk-through. Fighting with a significant other? Use marriage counseling research & prompts.
Mood tracker app
Manage Stress + Anxiety
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build mental resilience
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gain self-awareness
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develop holistic health
Emotional management app
Improve Work Productivity
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manage time, minimize regret
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make difficult decisions
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set and meet goals
Leadership course app
Build Lasting Relationships
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Connect with Others
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communicate & resolve conflict
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motivate and Lead

"Helped me feel self-sufficient in navigating difficult emotions and situations, with scientific methods."
- Brady G.

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coaching & therapy
exercises In your pocket

No need to schedule an appointment. No stigma for the introverted or type-A. Simply download from app stores and start learning. Whether resentful, regretful, or enraged, exact exercises help employees reflect, cope, problem-solve, and communicate in every situation.
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Track Mood

High-level reporting preserves privacy while helping companies anticipate problems.
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Immediate Help

Immediate coaching and therapy exercises help employees self-manage difficult situations.
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Plug and play comprehensive content covers hundreds of relatable topics.

Complete Toolkit

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Free Features

Try FREE: Missions 1-2 of 9-step program, 1 exercise for every mood, mood tracking, journaling are free.
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Capture Everyone

24/7, private, self-serve. Give asynchronous teams and diverse demographics shared training.
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Simple Roll-Out

Just download from app stores and start learning; sign-up with corporate email for premium access.
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My goal is to motivate my team on a daily basis. LIFE’s cognitive training helps them think differently: to better problem-solve for themselves, or with clients. It has made my team happier, more fulfilled, efficient, and collaborative than ever.
Pete Mickartz, Beyond Pricing
Senior Director of Sales
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One thing that makes LIFE so useful is its ability to show how, despite us all being unique, we encounter similar issues and need ways to deal appropriately. Used on entire teams, everyone can obtain the same knowledge and learn to treat each other with respect.
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"LIFE is a cognitive training product which enables its users to reflect on several topics of life as we know it. The original discovery was for a self-learning to make remote workers more self-aware. After trialing the software myself, I believe it has far bigger impact."
Neil Kelly, Luno
Director of Engineering
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Understand how your people feel. Whether frustrated or enraged, our data analytics track mood and interest to help you anticipate problems while preserving employee privacy.
life app employee wellness
Leader EI
Emotional intelligence is the #1 trait of successful leaders. Empower employees to become self-sufficient in handling difficult situations.
life app leadership training
Team EI
High-EI teams are 2x as productive. LIFE is exponentially powerful used as team-building, so all gain the same skills with no stigma.
life app soft skills

Because your people, and their people, are your best investment.

Support employees in every aspect of their LIFE: their self, career, and relationships.
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