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LIFE Intelligence is a scientific guide to your self, career, and relationships, a powerful DIY therapist, leadership coach, and marriage counselor in one.

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Ups and Downs

100% of the topics. 1% the price. A DIY:

Manage Stress and Anxiety
Improve Work Productivity
Career Coach
Build Lasting Relationships
Relationship Counselor

A Fulfilling LIFE

Begins with understanding yourself. LIFE is a comprehensive course and cognitive training.
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Hundreds of scientific studies, curated to just five minutes of snippet reading and introspection a day. Learn to uncover underlying values and direction. Then, solve immediate moods or situations with digitized coping and communication exercises.
Learn complete

Self-and-Other Management Skills

Build Mental Resilience
Gain Self-Awareness
Self Awareness
Develop Holistic Health
Set and Meet Goals
Set and Meet Goals
Manage Time
Make Difficult Decisions
Connect with Others
Love & Communicate
Motivate and Lead


Comprehensive CourseMood MasterQuick FixLong TermRelationship Prompts
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Hundreds of topics. 9 missions. 3 areas: self, career, relationships.
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the Mood management System

Immediate diagnosis and support for various emotions.
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the on-demand Problem-Solver

Interactive exercises to cope or communicate in every situation.
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the Long Term Strategist

Can't recall why you made a bad decision? LIFE is a living journal.
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The Relationship Prompts

Weekly conversation starters on essential subjects for lasting love.

100% of LIFE. 1% the price.

Work productivity, mental wellness, and relationships are inextricably linked. Yet existing resources approach them individually as therapy, career coaching, and relationship counseling, each missing other pieces of the puzzle. LIFE holistically tackles all three while being private, affordable, efficient, and DIY.
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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Meditation is less than 1% of what we cover. Don't miss any essential pieces of the well-being puzzle.
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Created by a former finance investor and Harvard MBA, we are no-BS wellness. Each sentence is cited for Type-A scrutiny.
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“Introspective method makes learning stick longer than if simply handed to you.” Built on memory research, for true cognitive training.
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Efficient & Practical

Compared by users to therapy or coaching at a fraction of the time and price, LIFE is interactive and immediately actionable.
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You're in control of your data. Stored locally on your device, so you can develop honest self-awareness without fear.
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Always accessible: the tools to work out issues on your own, anytime, anywhere: between meetings, before dates, at bedtime.
Because successful careers...
89% of career failures are due to lack of soft skills, not hard skills. LIFE picks up where schools leave off.
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and relationships…
Scientists can predict divorce with 95% accuracy. LIFE aims to get to you first.
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start with you.
Mindfulness alone can’t teach you to become a better partner or boss. That's why LIFE covers it all.
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Bored and Brilliant

For the easily-bored and brilliant, who want more in less time

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Scientific studies &
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emotions managed
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Interactive problem-
solving strategies

How could 5 minutes a day change your LIFE?

"I have greater emotional control and as a result it's helped with my stress and perfectionism."
— Steven C, 19
“I wish I'd had this 20 years ago. I learned ways to cope with issues I didn't even realize I had until this program made me dig deeper into my emotions.”
— Alex E, 46
“I wish I'd had this 20 years ago. I learned ways to cope with issues I didn't even realize I had until this program made me dig deeper into my emotions.”
"My wife and I have been married 7 years. It improved how we talk to each other, and our relationship in general."
— Jon A, 34
Peak Performance

You have one wild, precious LIFE

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We're here to help you live it.

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