Master your Mood.
Manage your LIFE.

A science-backed guide to your self, career, and relationships. LIFE's emotional management toolkit helps you master every mood, relieve stress and anxiety, improve work productivity, and build lasting relationships. To do and feel your best, on the fly.

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Ups and Downs

Mental/emotional ruts affect work productivity and relationships, and vice versa.
That’s why, while most apps only address one silo, LIFE covers it all.

LIFE Intelligence Manage Stress and Anxiety
Manage stress & anxiety
LIFE Intelligence Improve Work Productivity
Improve work productivity
LIFE Intelligence Build Lasting Relationships
Build lasting relationships

Manage Emotions. Improve Productivity. Love & Lead.

A two-part tool to manage your entire LIFE.
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1/2 immediate problem-solver: Anxious before a meeting? Try a grounding exercise. About to have a hard conversation? Use our 7-step walk-through. Whether rejected, resentful, or enraged, coping and communication exercises help you handle each with ease.

1/2 professional development program: Gain hundreds of insights on 9 core leadership skills: mental resilience, self-awareness, goal-setting, time management, decision-making, self-esteem, relationships, conflicts, emotional intelligence. Reflect as if with a real coach.

A two-part tool
to Do and FEEL your best.

LIFE Intelligence DIY Therapy comprehensive self development courseLife app self development courseLIFE Intelligence DIY Therapy Mental Health App Mood Tracking App Emotional Management appLIFE Intelligence DIY Therapy Mental Health App Problem Solving Coping Communication exercisesLIFE Intelligence DIY Therapy Mental Health relationship counseling app
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Do your best

A complete self-development resource, to manage time, minimize regret, resolve conflicts, and make goals and decisions.
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coaching prompts

Short readings and reflections take you on a journey to deep self-awareness. Understand your traits, habits, and how to change.
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Feel your best

Thoughts and emotions are fundamental to everything we do. Track your moods and triggers. Then, learn to manage them.
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Therapy exercises

Master moods before they master you. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is just 1 of many tools we give to feel better on the fly.
Go on a 9-step journey to deep self-awareness. Learn bite-sized lessons across these core topics:

Mental resilience
Build Mental Resilience
Gain Self-Awareness
Self Awareness
Holistic health app
Develop Holistic Health
Set and Meet Goals
Set and Meet Goals
Time management app
Manage Time
Decision making app
Make Difficult Decisions
relationship skills
Connect with Others
Relationship counseling app
Love & Communicate
Self development app
Motivate and Lead

"Unlike any other app"

LIFE was developed by a finance investor tired of fluffy self-care apps and CBT chat bots that felt like talking to a wall. We screened the world of research to bring you impactful findings on almost every LIFE topic, so you have the tools right in your hands. For high-performing type-A professionals who want a private, practical way to feel and do their best.
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“Goes beyond single lessons from therapy and gives a broader set of knowledge & tools.”
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“Helped me navigate situations with proven methods." All research cited in-app.
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“Introspective method sticks longer than if simply handed to you.” Solve the root cause of stressors.
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"I would equate LIFE to thousands of dollars of therapy and many more hours." Get more for less.
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You're in control of your data. Stored locally on your device, where it should be.
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Use anytime, anywhere: between meetings, before dates, at bedtime.
Because successful careers...
89% of career failures are due to lack of soft skills, not hard skills. LIFE picks up where schools leave off.
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and relationships…
Scientists can predict divorce with 95% accuracy. LIFE aims to get to you first.
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start with you.
Mindfulness alone can’t teach you to become a better partner or boss. That's why LIFE covers it all.
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Bored and Brilliant

For the easily-bored and brilliant, who want more in less time

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Scientific studies &
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emotions managed
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Interactive problem-
solving strategies

How could 5 minutes a day change your LIFE?

"A spiritual rehabilitator. It made my demeanor stronger. After every night of doing these lessons, I felt refreshed."
— SA, Engineer
"My job is very fast-paced. LIFE has been a life-saver in solving communication breakdowns and keeping me sane."
— CM, Finance
"When I get lonely in quarantine, LIFE calms my fears. The healthy relationship with control exercise was so eye-opening."
— MG, Sales
"Was feeling helpless with the kids stuck at home. Loved LIFE's 3Ps: this is not Permanent, Pervasive, or Personal!"
— SO, Legal
"Freshman year I struggled with Calculus and being away from home. LIFE motivated me: I ended the class with 100%!"
— KL, Student
"LIFE made me realize how poorly I respond when things don't go as planned. I urge all to set aside a few mins a day to use this app."
— TG, Operations
"I embarrass easily due to social anxiety. LIFE shows discomforts as positive motivators, so I dwell less on what people think/say."
— JL, Grad Student
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Self Awareness Starts Here

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