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Self awareness starts here. While no app can replace a real therapist, coach, or marriage counselor, LIFE is an easy, private, 24/7 tool to help you manage stress and anxiety, improve work productivity, and build lasting relationships, all by better understanding yourself. Here's how we evolved, and how you can, too.

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2019: Capsule, Your short self-development Course

In 2019, we asked schools what we could do about student mental health. They said, “we need a preventive mental health curriculum.” So we launched Capsule, a short self-development course, which taught 9 modules, or "missions," encompassing cognitive behavioral therapy, self-awareness, goal-setting, time-management, decision-making, stress management and self-esteem, dating and relationships, communication and conflict resolution, and leadership.

We cited scientific research so both professors and students could review the source. And we made it interactive, with short readings and reflections, because Ebbinghaus’ Forgetting Curve says: without immediate retrieval, we lose 40% of what we learn almost immediately. At our founding, Capsule was intended for freshman year, to guide students through perhaps the most formative time of their LIFE.

Why do we learn multiplication tables, but not how to manage our moods?
Why do we learn English literacy, but not emotional literacy?
Emotional intelligence is the #1 of trait of leaders: yet, where do we ever learn it?
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but it turns out, life is for everyone.

In 2020, companies began using Capsule to train managers in soft skills. Leaders asked: what if my team is experiencing a problem in the middle of the workday? How can they diagnose the problem, reflect on their reaction, and emerge from negativity? So, we created FEELIX, a mood-management system that provides research-backed exercises to address everything from frustration to rejection, envy to rage. These were similar to exercises used in therapy or coaching, but with the privacy and immediacy of an app.
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In 2021, we looked at our app user demographics and saw they spanned all age groups (and countries)! Students said it helped them get through calculus or the divorce of parents. Managers said it helped them learn when they handle stressful situations improperly. There was no one use case or life stage for Capsule or FEELIX. The only common thread was that all these people appreciated a tool that helped them live more examined, peaceful, and fulfilled lives. So today, we are known as LIFE Intelligence, a two-part tool that helps you live more intelligently.

"LIFE is self therapy in your pocket. It makes sense of the complexities of our existence in the most simplistic terms. It digs deep and pushes you to grow and thrive." -- LIFE user

We believe

Society puts an unfair onus on parents to teach their children how to manage mental health, productivity, and relationships. Many parents haven't been taught these skills themselves. Students grow into leaders, who start their own companies and families, and pass knowledge down to the next generation. LIFE hopes to meet you wherever you are in the cycle. Together, we can change for the better.

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Prevention is the cure. Students need only email us to get LIFE premium free. Head to our schools page to learn more. 

Mental health is often least accessible to those who need it most. Privacy is paramount. Many people shy awayfrom in-person therapy or coaching because of the stigma associated. While notechnology can replace a human, we aim to be a resource that allows some amountof those exercises to be done in the privacy if your app. §  How we practice what we preach: We do notstore / take any of your writing / journaling data. All of it is local on yourphone. The caveat is if you delete the app or lose your phone, we also cannotrestore this for you.

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Take it from an investor:
You are your best investment.

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Part mental health app, part productivity app, part science-backed self-care app for those most scrutinizing.

LIFE Starts with Emotional Granularity
Emotions are fundamentally tied to human cognitions and behaviors. Yet, few people possess the crucial skill of naming their emotions. Research has found that the first step to addressing your emotions is to label them, for what’s called emotional granularity. The more specific you are, the more control you gain.

People who can get granular are less prone to maladaptive behaviors like binge drinking and aggression. They experience less severe anxiety and depression. They even are less reactive to rejection! (Kashdan, Barrett, McKnight, 2015)

That's why LIFE begins with this mood wheel. In the 1980’s, psychologist Robert Plutchik developed the Wheel of Emotions—8 core feelings of joy, anticipation, anger, disgust, sadness, surprise, fear, and trust. Just as colors on a color wheel can be mixed to form complex hues, so emotions can be mixed for deep nuance.

In creating LIFE, I discovered that Plutchik's theory was just one of many. Through exhaustive research, I created a proprietary Mood Wheel drawn from various luminaries and revamped for modern-day users. I apply this same care to all LIFE's features, bringing you a comprehensive picture.

After identifying your emotion, you'll find coping, problem-solving, and communication strategies to manage everyday issues in just minutes. LIFE brings proven academic studies from the lab to your pocket. Like a faithful friend and helping hand, you can take LIFE with you anytime, anywhere.

My LIFE goal is to help you know yourself better. Discern subtle mood changes; negotiate relationship solutions; make sensible decisions; love without pretense; lead by example. Live a fulfilling LIFE!
How did LIFE Get its name?
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An engineering leader described us to his team as:

"a cognitive training which enables its users to reflect on several topics of LIFE as we know it, the heuristics that often make us do and say certain things, and even what being a leader takes."

"This software was a spiritual rehabilitator. It made my demeanor stronger. After every night of doing these lessons, I felt refreshed."
"My job is very fast-paced, so LIFE has been a life-saver in problem-solving breakdowns in communication and keeping me sane."
"When I get anxious or lonely in quarantine, LIFE calms my fears. The healthy relationship with control exercise was so eye-opening."
"Was feeling helpless during Covid with the kids stuck at home. Loved LIFE's 3Ps: this is not Permanent, Pervasive, or Personal!"
"Freshman year I struggled with Calculus and being away from home. But LIFE motivated me: I'm proud to say I ended the year with over 100% in the class!"
"Soft skills everyone needs. LIFE made me aware of how poorly I respond when things don't go as planned. I've urge all to set aside a few minutes a day to utilize this app."
"I embarrass easily due to social anxiety. LIFE shows discomforts as positive motivators, so I dwell less on what people will think or say."
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LIFE was built for analytical achievers who want to live a more intentional LIFE.

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It is not that we have a short time to live, but that we waste a lot of it. Life is long if you know how to use it. --Seneca

- Prevention is the cure. LIFE is free for students - visit our Schools page.
- Those who seek can find. Email us if you cannot afford LIFE and we will help.
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