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Beyond calming stress and anxiety, LIFE digs deep to address underlying causes, putting research rigor into your daily decisions, goals, conflicts. So you can live a more intentional, fulfilling LIFE.

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Meditation and cognitive behavioral therapy comprise less than 1% of what we teach. Because LIFE is so much more.

A few years ago, I asked a big question:

What was missing in my LIFE?

I don’t feel like I’m
handling bad
moods productively.
I don’t feel fulfilled
in my personal
I feel impatient with
my career and want
to grow faster.
Ball on a Path
I wasn't alone.
After Princeton, Harvard Business School, and years of finance, I saw so many high-achievers and hard-workers want to dream bigger, feel better, and do more. But something was holding us back.
Alone Bac

At the time, my role at a hedge fund was to analyze a forest of research, data, financials, to find the best investment opportunities.

I realized: while I had all these strategies to back up my stock picks, I didn't have any real introspection for my most important investment:

About Astronaut
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Today, I study the matters most important to our LIFE.
Because, take it from a former investor:
You are your best investment.

Jasmine Chen
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Each LIFE feature is backed by scientific studies, carefully curated and cited in-app for those most scrutinizing.

LIFE Starts with Emotional Granularity
Emotions are fundamentally tied to human cognitions and behaviors. Yet, few people possess the crucial skill of naming their emotions. Research has found that the first step to addressing your emotions is to label them, for what’s called emotional granularity. The more specific you are, the more control you gain.

People who can get granular are less prone to maladaptive behaviors like binge drinking and aggression. They experience less severe anxiety and depression. They even are less reactive to rejection! (Kashdan, Barrett, McKnight, 2015)

That's why LIFE begins with this mood wheel. In the 1980’s, psychologist Robert Plutchik developed the Wheel of Emotions—8 core feelings of joy, anticipation, anger, disgust, sadness, surprise, fear, and trust. Just as colors on a color wheel can be mixed to form complex hues, so emotions can be mixed for deep nuance.

In creating LIFE, I discovered that Plutchik's theory was just one of many. Through exhaustive research, I created a proprietary Mood Wheel drawn from various luminaries and revamped for modern-day users. I apply this same care to all LIFE's features, bringing you a comprehensive picture.

After identifying your emotion, you'll find coping, problem-solving, and communication strategies to manage everyday issues in just minutes. LIFE brings proven academic studies from the lab to your pocket. Like a faithful friend and helping hand, you can take LIFE with you anytime, anywhere.

My LIFE goal is to help you know yourself better. Discern subtle mood changes; negotiate relationship solutions; make sensible decisions; love without pretense; lead by example. Live a fulfilling LIFE!
I don't presume to know all the troubles you face. But, like you, I experience the full range of emotions. I hope that if LIFE can benefit me, it can benefit you, too.
How do you apply LIFE?
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"This software was a spiritual rehabilitator. It made my demeanor stronger. After every night of doing these lessons, I felt refreshed."
— SA, Engineer
"My job is very fast-paced, so LIFE has been a life-saver in problem-solving breakdowns in communication and keeping me sane."
— CM, Finance
"When I get anxious or lonely in quarantine, LIFE calms my fears. The healthy relationship with control exercise was so eye-opening."
— MG, Sales
"Was feeling helpless during Covid with the kids stuck at home. Loved LIFE's 3Ps: this is not Permanent, Pervasive, or Personal!"
— SO, Legal
"Freshman year I struggled with Calculus and being away from home. But LIFE motivated me: I'm proud to say I ended the year with over 100% in the class!"
— KL, Student
"LIFE made me aware of how poorly I respond when things don't go as planned. I've changed my ways, and urge all to set aside a few minutes a day to utilize this program."
— TG, Operations
"I embarrass easily due to social anxiety. LIFE shows discomforts as positive motivators, so I dwell less on what people will think or say."
— JL, Grad Student
Small Dots

At LIFE, we believe:

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It is not that we have a short time to live, but that we waste a lot of it. Life is long if you know how to use it.
— Seneca

LIFE helps you
make the most of yours.

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